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Guaranteed Airtimes for Channel 97

Channel 97, the Access LaPorte County Government Channel, is available through Comcast Xfinity Cable and at our website, (Click here to view Channel 97 LIVE). The following is a schedule of guaranteed airtimes for each of the Boards and Commissions we cover. There are many variables in our world of municipal meetings that have generally prevented us from maintaining and presenting a regular schedule for Channel 97. In an effort to address high demand for a schedule, we have developed this timeline to let viewers know when you can catch each Board or Commission on Channel 97. We may play other meetings and programming during gaps in the schedule, but you will be guaranteed to find the most recent meeting or each entity at the times listed below.

Meetings of the Michigan City Board of Public Works and Safety, the Michigan City Common Council, LaPorte County Board of Commissioners, and the LaPorte County Council will always be shown live when they are in session on Channel 97.


We do ask for your patience as we adjust to this new schedule. As always, we want to stress that the easiest way to find and watch replays of the Boards and Commissions we cover is at our YouTube Channel, Access LaPorte County Media. While we do our best to upload meetings as soon as possible after their completion, it can take up to 24-48 hours to process our recordings. Again, we appreciate your patience as we try and make Access LaPorte County more user friendly for the residents of LaPorte County


6 a.m.                    Michigan City Board of Zoning Appeals (Replay)
8:30 a.m.             Michigan City Board of Public Works and Safety (LIVE or Replay)
12:30 p.m.           LaPorte County Alcoholic Beverage Commission (Replay)
3 p.m.                    LaPorte County Board of Zoning Appeals (Replay)
6 p.m.                    LaPorte County Council (LIVE or Replay)
10 p.m.                  Michigan City Board of Public Works and Safety (Replay)


6 a.m.                    LaPorte County Board of Health (Replay)
8:30 a.m.             LaPorte County Election Board (Replay)
10 a.m.                  LaPorte County Redevelopment Commission (Replay)
12:30 p.m.           LaPorte County Council (Replay)
4:30 p.m.            Michigan City Redevelopment Commission (Replay)
6:30 p.m.            Michigan City Common Council (LIVE or Replay)



6 a.m.                   LaPorte County Regional Sewer District Board (Replay)
10 a.m.                 LaPorte County Board of Commissioners (LIVE or Replay)
2 p.m.                   Michigan City Common Council (Replay)
6 p.m.                   LaPorte County Board of Commissioners (LIVE or Replay)
10 p.m.                 Michigan City Common Council (Replay)



6 a.m.                   LaPorte County Drainage Board (Replay)
9 a.m.                   LaPorte County Planning Commission (Replay)
12:30 p.m.          LaPorte County Board of Commissioners (Replay)
5 p.m.                   LaPorte County Parks and Recreation Board (Replay)
7 p.m.                   Michigan City Planning Commission (Replay)
9 p.m.                   Michigan City Port Authority Board (Replay)



6 a.m.                   Michigan City Water Works Board (Replay)
8:30 a.m.            Michiana Shores Town Council (Replay)
12:30 p.m.          Trail Creek Town Council (Replay)
4:30 p.m.            Long Beach Town Council (Replay)
9 p.m.                   Michigan City Parks and Recreation Board (Replay)



12 a.m.                 Long Beach Town Council (Replay)
6 a.m.                   Michigan City Sanitary District Board (Replay)
9 a.m.                   Michigan City Licensing Board (Replay)
10 a.m.                 Michigan City Aviation Board (Replay)
12 p.m.                 Michigan City Fire Merit Commission (Replay)
2 p.m.                   Michigan City Police Civil Service Commission (Replay)
4 p.m.                   LaPorte County Sheriff Merit Commission (Replay)
6 p.m.                   Michigan City Tree Board (Replay)
8 p.m.                   Michigan City Sustainability Commission (Replay)
10 p.m.                 Michigan City Animal Control Board (Replay)



12 a.m.                  Michiana Shores Town Council (Replay)
3:30 a.m.            Trail Creek Town Council (Replay)
8 a.m.                   Michigan City Commission on the Social Status of African-American Males (Replay)
10 a.m.                 Michigan City Human Rights Commission (Replay)
12 p.m.                 LaPorte County Convention and Visitors Bureau Board (Replay)
2 p.m.                   Michigan City Commission for Women (Replay)
4 p.m.                   Michigan City Housing Authority Board of Commissioners (Replay)
6 p.m.                   Michigan City Urban Enterprise Association (Replay)
8 p.m.                   Michigan City Historic Preservation Commission (Replay)
10 p.m.                 Michigan City Board of Cemetery Trustees (Replay)

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